Acute Phase Proteins response and their clinical application in veterinary medicine

  • Paula Alessandra Di Filippo UENF
  • Wesley Matheus Rocha Sousa
  • Thaís Ayumi Stedile Fujimoto
  • Francisco Claudio Dantas Mota UFU
  • Aracelle Elisane Alves UFU


Acute phase proteins (APP) are the group of blood proteins that the synthesis happens in a quick and intense manner in response to external or internal challenges, such as infection, inflammation, surgical trauma or stress. These proteins have been used as biomarkers of inflammation, infection and trauma in human medicine, but have been relatively under-utilised in the context of veterinary medicine due to the unknown diagnostic possibilities.

The purpose of this paper is to update the knowledge about APPs in veterinary medicine, reviewing results from different studies suggesting possible clinical applicability of APP measurement as a valuable tool for veterinary diagnostic and prognostic.


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