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Educação e Políticas em Debate (Education and Policy in Debate), is an electronic journal linked to the Line of Research State, Policy and Management in the Postgraduate Program of the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. Its editorial policy recognizes the legitimacy of dissent, controversy, and diversity of concepts and theoretical frameworks as something proper and inherent to democratic spaces. Thus, the Journal’s philosophy, policies and practices are anchored on principles of plurality, freedom, and intellectual autonomy, prioritizing the effects and contributions of each singular production to the collective production of new syntheses and antitheses. It aims to provide researchers, teachers, and undergraduate and graduate students of national and international institutions dissemination of research results and new experiences, showing consistency, accuracy and originality in the approach to the subject. The thematic approaches propagated by the journal are primarily intended for Brazilian and foreign scholars and researchers in the field of educational policies, but also to others interested in the area of ​​education and the humanities in general.


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