Internet-based Resources Useful for the Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Genetically Modified Crops

  • Giuliano Degrassi
Keywords: Databases, GM crops, risk assessment, risk management, websites.


The intentional introduction into the environment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) isnearly always governed by a decision-making process which includes within its framework ascience-based risk assessment (RA) and risk management (RM) measures. The former is usuallyimplemented through the combination of hazard identification, exposure assessment and riskcharacterization of all the novel elements associated with the GMO or derived product underscrutiny, whilst the latter consider the need for any restrictions on use. A number ofstakeholders such as risk assessors, scientists, regulators and consumers require substantialamounts of scientific and technical information concerned with the use of GMOs. This hasnecessitated the development of a multitude of Internet-based resources that togetherrepresent an impressive array of tools for the biosafety community. This review presents thoseresources currently available and of particular relevance to the risk assessment andmanagement of GM crops (and their products).


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