• William H. Allen Universidade Federal de Uberlândia - Brasil
Palavras-chave: Health geography, Sanitary education, hygiene


In forty-five states and territories the teaching of hygiene with special reference to alcohol and tobacco is made compulsory. To hygiene alone, of the score of subjects found in our modern grammar-school curriculum, is given statutory right of way for so many minutes per week, so many pages per text-book, or so many pages per chapter. For the neglect of no other study may teachers be removed from office and fined. Yet school garrets and closets are full of hygiene text-books unopened or little used, while of all subjects taught by five hundred thousand American teachers and studied by twenty million American pupils the least interesting to both teacher and pupil is that forced upon both by state legislation. To complete the paradox, this least interesting subject happens also to be the most vital to the child, to the home, to industry, to social welfare, and to education itself.


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William H. Allen, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia - Brasil
William H. Allen
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ALLEN, W. H. HEALTH A CIVIC OBLIGATION. Hygeia - Revista Brasileira de Geografia Médica e da Saúde, v. 9, n. 16, p. 1 - 4, 19 jun. 2013.