Pain and anxiety in children receiving atraumatic and conventional restorative dental treatment - a randomized clinical study = Dor e ansiedade em crianças que receberam tratamento restaurador atraumático e convencional – estudo clínico randomizado

Regina de Nazare Marreiros Tavares, Luciane Zanin, Flávia Martão Flório


: The aim of this study was to assess previous anxiety and pain perceived by children while receiving atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) and conventional restorative treatment (CT). Seventy-nine children, aged between 5 and 8, who had at least two decayed deciduous molars, were selected. Each child agreed to the two kinds of treatment dispensed, one for each tooth and one for each treatment appointment, at random. The sample was distributed into two groups: Group 1 (G1) – children were submitted to CT in the first appointment and to ART in the second appointment – and; Group 2 (G2) – children were submitted to ART in the first appointment and to CT in the next appointment. The children reported dental anxiety before receiving the treatment and intensity of pain after the procedures, using the Facial Image Scale (FIS) and the Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale, respectively. The heart rate was also measured before and during the procedures. The results demonstrated that anxiety (heart rate and FIS scale) exhibited a statistical difference in G1 (p <0.05), however, there was no difference between the groups when ART was performed first (p >0.05). Children subjected to CT experienced higher levels of pain than those who were subjected to ART, regardless of the order of treatment (p <0.001). It was concluded, therefore, that ART possibly caused lower levels of pain in 5 to 8-year-old children when compared to CT, however, it did not reduce prior anxiety levels in the second session, using CT.


Pain perception; Dental anxiety; Dental atraumatic restorative treatment

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