Genetic diversity among soursop genotypes based on fruit production = Diversidade genética entre genótipos de graviola baseada na produtividade de frutos

Carlos Felipe Barrera Sánchez, Bruno Ermelindo Lopes, Paulo Eduardo Teodoro, Andrea Del Pilar Garcia, Leonardo de Azevedo Peixoto, Lidiane Aparecida Silva, Leonardo Lopes Bhering


This study aimed to estimate the genetic diversity among soursop genotypes in terms of fruit yield evaluated in different crop years. Sixteen measurements for fruit yield in 71 soursop genotypes were carried out from 2000 to 2016. Based on ANOVA it was verified the existence of genetic variability among genotypes in the different measurements (harvests). The genotypes were clustered according to their respective fruit yield averages in the 16 years as well as from their means obtained in each measurement year by the Scott-Knott test (p<0.05). To study genetic diversity among genotypes, three methodologies were compared: Tocher hierarchical optimization, UPGMA method and principal components. Five groups were formed for all clustering methods used. It was identified that crossings between genotypes 124 and 145 with genotypes 59 and 170 are potential to generate population with large genetic variability and high fruit yield average. New researches should be developed aiming to exploit the genetic variability among soursop genotypes based on the results found in this study.


Annona muricata; clustering, plant breeding, biometry.

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