Sociodemographic and clinical characterization of patients with vasculogenic ulcers = Caracterização sociodemográfica e clínica de pacientes com úlceras vasculogênicas

Sarah Nilkece Mesquita Araujo, Lydia Tosltenko Nogueira, Maria do Livramento Fortes Figueiredo, Elaine Maria Leite rangel Andrade, Roberta Fortes Santiago, Ana Beatriz da rocha Silva, Felipe dos Santos Cardoso


Vasculogenic ulcers may be of arterial, venous or arteriovenous (mixed) origin and compromise the dermis and epidermis, and may also affect deeper tissues, characterized by a chronic, painful and slow healing process, which impacts the quality of life and in the mental, physical and social aspects of the affected persons, thus leading them to the total dependence of the health service. The objective was to characterize the sociodemographic and clinical profile of patients with vasculogenic ulcers. This is a cross-sectional descriptive study developed at the Surgical Clinic in an Emergency Hospital in the Northeastern region of Brazil, with 38 patients with vasculogenic ulcers, from September to October 2016. Data were collected in patients' records and confirmed by interview. As a result of the sociodemographic profile, the majority were male (55.3%), brown (55.3%), elderly and adult (50%, each), married (50%), with income up to a minimum wage (81.6%), retirees (55.3%), attended the elementary school (57.9%) and all were from the Northeastern region of Brazil. Clinically, 34.2% had peripheral angiopathy, venous ulcers (50%), Arterial Hypertension and Diabetes Melitus (50%). The most frequent surgical procedure was amputation of the limb affected by the ulcer (55.3%). Knowing the profile of the clientele is fundamental for making better decisions and defining a clinical reasoning more appropriate to patients, which should be conducted in a comprehensive manner by the nursing team.


Vasculogenic ulcers, wounds, nursing.

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