Performance of mango cultivars under subtropical conditions in the state of São Paulo = Desempenho de cultivares de mangueira em condições subtropicas do estado de São Paulo

Jackson Mirellys Azevêdo Souza, Sarita Leonel, Joyce Helena Modesto, Rafael Augusto Ferraz, Marcelo de Souza Silva, Ana Carolina Batista Bolfarini


Mango is quite popular among tropical fruits, and has traits of a fast-expanding market. There is a huge variety of mango cultivars and their potential should be studied in order to be introduced in new producing regions with favourable edaphoclimatic characteristics for planting. The current study aimed to evaluate mango productive performance under subtropical conditions in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The experiment was conducted with ‘Espada Vermelha’, ‘Keitt’ and ‘Palmer’ cultivars grafted onto rootstock ‘Espada’ over three crop cycles 2012-2013, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. The experimental design was a randomized complete block, consisting of 3x3 factorial design, in which the first factor corresponds to the cultivars and the second factor to the evaluated crop cycles, with 10 replications and one plant per plot. The following variables were evaluated: number of fruits per panicle, number of fruits per plant, panicles percentage to the full aborted fruits, fruit fresh weight, production, yield, canopy volume, production efficiency and crop seasonality. Data analysis by Tukey test and Pearson´s correlation coefficients. Among the evaluated cultivars, Palmer has stood out with the best productive performance under the experiment conditions in the three evaluated crop cycles. The seasonal availability of cultivars should be explored so that there are fruit productions over a longer period of time. Correlations among productive traits varies according to the cultivar.  


Mangifera indica L.; Alternate bearing; Yield; Crop seasonality

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