Quality indicators applied in a nursing continuing education program of a high complexity university hospital from Brazil: II - satisfaction indicators = Indicadores de qualidade aplicados a um programa de educação continuada de um hospital universitário brasileiro de alta complexidade: II – indicadores de satisfação

Eliana Borges Silva Pereira, Clesnan Mendes-Rodrigues, Renata Lemos de Sousa Neto, Fabíola Alves Gomes, Durval Veloso da Silva, Arthur Velloso Antunes, Rosângela de Oliveira Felice, Guilherme Silva Mendonça, Paula Carolina Bejo Wolkers, Teresa Cristina Ferreira Alves, Rayany Cristina de Souza, Dayane Aparecida Cândida Félix


Although satisfaction is a key point in the evaluation of continuing education, few studies have conducted its assessment, particularly in relation to long-term programmes. The objective of this study was to evaluate the evolution of satisfaction indicators applied to a continuing education program in a university hospital of high complexity. For this, a satisfaction form was filled out after each of the 11 Cycles of Training, and the findings were related to the rates of attendance. It was observed that the nursing professionals gave a positive evaluation of the cycles when each course was evaluated individually, with a tendency to change over time. However, dissatisfaction was observed in relation to the organization criteria for the event, which tended to get worse over time. In addition, different nursing professional categories apparently presented different satisfaction levels, although this association cannot be proven. The results proved that the evaluation of satisfaction with the course or program over time can offer quality indicators for the better management of continuing education programs, and future works should take into account the profile of professionals involved with the program.


Training, Long-term Courses, Event Evaluation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14393/BJ-v34n1a2018-36514

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