Correlation between clinical and socioeconomic characteristics and perceived health status of patients with heart failure = Correlação entre características clínicas, socioeconômicas e estado de saúde percebido de pacientes com insuficiência cardíaca

Omar Pereira de Almeida Neto, Cristiane Martins Cunha, Paula Cristina Silva, Poliana Rodrigues Alves Duarte, Leila Aparecida Kauchakje Pedrosa, Elmiro Santos Resende


Associations between generic and specific perceived health status have been little used in the clinical practice of the cardiovascular sciences. Describe the clinical and socio-economic profile of heart failure patients (HF) and correlate their perceived health status (PHS) (generic and specific) with clinical and socio-economic variables. Cross-sectional, quantitative and analytical study approved by the ethics committee - Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro (number 833.007). A sample of 91 individuals with different functional classes and etiologies of HF and who were in outpatient follow-up answered the following questionnaire: 1. Clinical and socioeconomic questionnaire; 2. Visual Analog Scale (VAS); 3. Minnesota Questionnaire (MLWHFQ). We studied 91 patients with HF; the majority was male (50.5%) married (52.7%), inactive (working condition) (83.51%), NYHA functional class IV (29.7%) hypertension etiology (46.2%). The VAS was correlated significantly (p <0.05) with the variables family income (r = 0.173) and left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) (r = 0.221) and significant (p <0.01) comorbidities (r = 0.237) and medications (r = 0.475). Significant associations (p <0.05) were established between the VSA, gender, surgical procedure and NYHA functional class IV. All MLWHFQ domains were significantly associated (p <0.01) with the female gender and functional class IV. Perceived health status showed significant decline in all dimensions when compared to other published studies, demanding attention from the health professionals and new clinical strategies to manage heart failure.


Cardiologia. Insuficiência Cardíaca. Qualidade de vida. Questionários.

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