Ingestive behavior and forage intake of heifers receiving corn grain with or without crude glycerin on italian ryegrass pasture = Comportamento ingestivo e ingestão de forragem por bezerras recebendo grão de milho com ou sem glicerina bruta em pastagem de azevém

Guilherme Pegoraro Gai, Luciana Pötter, Marta Gomes da Rocha, Maria José de Oliveira Sichonany, Paulo Roberto Salvador, Luiz Gonzaga do Amaral Neto, Érica Dambros de Moura, Lucas Munareto Cadó


The objective was to analyze the ingestive behavior, forage intake and pasture characteristics when beef heifers are kept exclusively on ryegrass pasture (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) or receiving ground corn grain as supplement (0.9% of body weight (BW )) with or without addition of crude glycerin (0.2% BW). Experimental animals were Angus heifers with initial age and body weight of eight months and 166.2 ± 9.5 kg, respectively. The grazing method was continuous with variable number of animals. The experimental design was completely randomized with repeated measures. Dry matter intake was estimated using chromium oxide as an indicator of fecal output. Heifers ingested a similar amount of dry matter and neutral detergent fiber. Forage intake was 19.0% lower when heifers receiving ground corn grain as supplement with or without addition of crude glycerin and these reduction in dry matter intake of forage provided increase of 38.2% in the stocking rate. Heifers that received crude glycerin as a supplement spent more time in the trough than heifers that received only ground corn grain.


Angus; Lolium multiflorum Lam.; energy supplement; nutrients intake


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