Seasonal richness and composition of social wasps (Hymenoptera, vespidae) in areas of cerrado biome in Barroso, Minas Gerais, Brazil = Riqueza sazonal e composição de vespas sociais (Hymenoptera, vespidae) em áreas de cerrado em Barroso...


The study evaluated the seasonal richness and composition of social wasps in Cerrado transition areas and Atlantic Forest in the municipal district of Barroso (Cerrado Grassland, Semidecidual Forest and Anthropic Areas). Thirty-eight species of social wasps were recorded, distributed in 10 genera and 127 colonies. The phytophysiognomy of Cerrado Grassland had the highest number of species (35) and colonies (76), followed by Semidecidual Forest (26 species and 37 colonies) and Anthropic Areas (nine species and 14 colonies). Agelaia vicina (Saussure, 1854) showed the highest constancy, present in 57.7% of collections. The number of social wasp species and colonies was positively correlated with temperature and precipitation. The hot and humid season is the most favorable period for social wasp population growth.


Mata do Baú; Polistinae; temperature; precipitation

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